Morning all and welcome to another new week! Hope everybody had a fantastic weekend and is looking forward to the week ahead.

I spent Saturday in London visiting Winter Wonderland with family. It’s a great day out if you’ve never been before, the only negative things I can say abou it is that (although its free to get in) it’s a bloomin’ expensive day out (£5 a pint for a beer, £7.50 for pie and chips, and £6 per person on a roller coaster), and also I’d recommend not going at the weekend. Saturday was ridiculously busy, verging on the dangerously overcrowded possibly, and it took a little of the pleasure away for us. But, still, a great day was had by all.

Our trip to Hyde Park seems to have become a bit of family thing to start the Christmas spirit going, and this year, more than since I was a child, I’m really looking forward to the festive season. With a burgeoning small business, my free time is much less than ever, but my happiness is much greater and that’s what really counts.

For those of you following us on Twitter, you may have seen the blog post from CultOfMac that I tweeted over the weekend regarding iBeacon. It’s well worth a read, because I think, no hope, that it may turn out to be a big thing in 2014 from Apple, and could be another game changer.

Finally this morning, I’m working on a post for later this week about tech gifts for Christmas this year. I’ve got my own ideas about what I’d like to give/receive……but what about you? If you have any great ideas, please send them to me at, or leave them in the comments below and I may feature them in my blog.

Anyway, here’s to another cracking week, and I’ll be back tomorrow with a video tip on avoiding email scammers.