Typically, not half a day after saying Mavericks was great…..we get our first reports of clients suffering after upgrading! As always, beta testing a new OS has not found every possible bug that users will experience, and it will take a few patches before the OS is completely stable. We’re running it ourselves and haven’t suffered any problems (yet), but think that after hearing of this issue it’s best to revert to our standard advice of waiting until the first few patches have been released, unless you absolutely have to upgrade.

For those that have upgraded, if you’re using Google Drive you may begin to see issues with Finder closing windows down and quite a lot of screen flickering. After checking logs, we’ve found that this being caused by the Google Drive client, and that closing it down will stop the problem completely. However, we’ve also found that if you uncheck “Show file sync status icons” in Google Drive preferences, the crashing will stop and you can continue to use Google Drive.

When we hear of a more permanent solution, we’ll let you know and also update our advice on upgrading to Mavericks.

EDIT (6th Nov, 2013): Google have updated their software so this problem should now be resolved. You may need to restart the Google Drive process for this to take effect (or a full machine restart would also work).

Thanks to Glyn Dewis for bringing this problem to our attention.