This afternoon I wanted to show you a quick tip to avoid an Apple Mail problem I’ve seen a lot, particularly for people with email addresses, over the past couple of years.

Apple Mail has a trick up its sleeve, which when it works is great. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work! There’s a setting which attenpts to amend the settings for your mail account whenever your mail provider changes its settings so that you continue to be able to send and receive mail. More often than not, the call I get is that a BT mail user now can’t send email, and when I look into it, Apple Mail has amended the settings for the outgoing mail server to the incorrect details (I have also seen a couple of people with incoming mail settings incorrectly changed).

There’s an easy fix for this, and that’s to turn the setting off before it goes wrong. It doesn’t matter if you use BT Mail, gmail, or something else…..mail settings rarely change (and if they do, the changes are usually well publicised in advance). So for my money, this setting is pretty pointless. I’d rather have it fixed in stone, so that when incoming or outgoing mails stop working, I know it’s something else that’s wrong.

To find the setting, go into Apple Mail/Preferences/Accounts and click in the Advanced tab for each of your Mail accounts. The first setting (‘Automatically detect and maintain account settings’) should be turned off i.e. unticked.

If you find you’re in a situation where Mail suddenly stops working for you, check if this setting is turned on, and then you’ll need to double check the incoming and outgoing servers are set correctly for your account. As always, we can help you with this.

Hope that helps!