As I suggested a few weeks ago, today’s a great day for buying yourself any new Apple kit. As it’s Black Friday (for those who don’t know what this is, see here), many US companies have traditionally had a flash sale the day after Thanksgiving. Over recent years this has become more prevalent in the UK, and now seems to be morphing into something called Cyber Weekend (great online sales from today through till Monday, which is often referred to as Cyber Monday or Mega Monday).

I’ve had a quick look this morning, and we seem to have done slightly better than our US counterparts, as they are not getting price reductions it seems (just gift card add-ons), but Apple UK are offering the following discounts for today only.

  • iPad Air: Save £31-61
  • iPad mini: Save £15 on non-Retina models, no discount on Retina models
  • iPad 2: Save £25
  • iPod touch: Save £25
  • iPod nano: Save £11
  • MacBook Air: Save £81
  • MacBook Pro: Save £81 on both Retina and non-Retina models
  • iMac: Save £81
  • Apple TV: Save £15
  • AirPort Extreme: Save £15
  • AirPort Time Capsule: Save £25
  • Various accessories: Discounts vary

You can combine this discount with the cashback offering from Quidco as well to make it even better. Good luck with any purchases you make, and have a great “Cyber Weekend”. We’ll be back next week with a more regular posting schedule.