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What? Easter already?

Coming up to Easter weekend I thought it was best I wrote a blog post, as it seems to have been a little while…..

What’s been going on these past few months? Well, quite a lot as it happens.

We’re still working hard in the background on our new Web site, as well as finalising details for a new support service aimed at creative individuals like designers and photographers. More on that soon; I’ve been aiming to get it launched since January but several things have conspired to slow me down – won’t be long now though.

There’s been a couple of long-running projects with corporate clients as well; one of which was a large rollout of Mac clients via a software distribution tool called Casper. That was great experience, being able to roll out a new version of an application to unlimited Macs, without visiting each and every one of them is a huge improvement to a techie’s daily life. Hopefully I’ll be getting involved in some more of these projects in the future for a change of pace from my usual client base of creative people and home users.

I’ve also just finished helping move one of my medium sized clients, a creative agency from North London, from one office to another. Obviously there was decommissioning their old networking environment and setting up the new place, but I also took responsibility for moving their phones. As you probably realise, moving a BT line isn’t cheap, or easy to arrange for when you want it, so the client and I decided that we’d move them to a hosted VoIP (internet telephony) solution, making any future moves much easier, and reducing their monthly phone bill to 40% of […]

Don’t be an Unprofessional Professional!

Are you a small business owner with your own company Web site (e.g. www.yourcompany.com)? 

Is your email address consistent with your Web site address (e.g. you@yourcompany.com)?

Or like many people, do you get more junk mail and spam than you can cope with?

You’d be stunned at the number of tradesmen, and small professional services companies we come across where the answers to one, or all, of these questions is not yes.

If you don’t have a Web site, you really should! Even if its a single holding page showing your contact information and a basic introduction to what you do, you do need something because the internet is the first place people turn to these days to find out if your company is someone they should deal with. And the more professional you look, the more trust they are likely to put in you. We have plenty of contacts in the industry that can set you up with a Web site, whether it be the most basic single page, or a full scale Content Management System, talk to us and we’ll put you in contact with the right guys.

If you are a small business operating with a “free” email address (e.g. hotmail, gmail, aol, yahoo and many others that are non-specific to your company), the chances are that you are reducing the trust people are willing to place in your company. For a small monthly cost per user we can provide you with a hosted service that gives you business level email, contacts and calendar access across all your connected devices (computer, tablet, phone). Wherever you are in the world, as long as you have unrestricted Internet access, you will be able to see all your incoming and outgoing email, calendars and contacts. Not […]

Weekly News Round Up 30/8/13

iPhone Announcements Imminent
After months of speculation, it looks like an announcement for the forthcoming 7th generation iPhone is imminent. No dates have been confirmed yet, but many industry insiders are predicting September 10th as the day announcements will be made, with availability probably 7-14 days later. It is widely expected that the new phone will look similar to the previous generation iPhone 5, with the addition of a fingerprint sensor, improved processor, better camera and dual LED flashes. There is also a huge amount of speculation that Apple will be expanding the colour range of the new model, to include gold/champagne along with the black and white models we’re used to. Further rumours include the possibility of a lower-cost model (which may be limited to certain countries) sporting a plastic shell and there is the slightest chance that iPad models will be announced at the same event.

Of course it goes without saying that iOS 7 is expected to release along with the new phones, promising many usability updates and a much commented on new look.

If the expected date of 10th September is true, we expect to see press coverage from invited journalists from around the 3rd of the month, so we’ll keep our eyes peeled for updates.

SimCity for Mac Finally Launches
Delayed by six months, the Mac release of SimCity is finally available. This is the first release of a new SimCity game for the Mac since 2003, and the gameplay has changed significantly. For the first time, users are required to have Internet connectivity to play the game, as it involves regional play where cities being controlled by multiple players are able to share resources and citizens, doing business together to enable their own cities to […]