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Finding the best car mileage tracker

Over the past few months I’ve been searching for a replacement car mileage tracker app that automates the process of logging the miles I travel on business. So I started my own ‘group test’ and I think I’ve finally come to a decision.
My problem
Small Business owners will probably understand the frustration of having to log every mile travelled on business for tax purposes. For many of us, climbing into the car is an opportunity to switch off from work for a short while. For others, it’s the perfect time to catch up on calls, or listen to podcasts that keep you up to date with the industry in which you work. Whatever your choice, certainly the last thing on most people’s minds is to get in, note your mileage, drive, note your mileage, get out.

For the past couple of years I’ve relied on assistance from an app called Rove (no longer available after it was purchased by TripAdvisor). Rove logged every movement I made. Every drive. Every walk. Every photo I took. Every piece of music I listened to. Much of this was irrelevant to me (in fact for many people this was so much of a pain, they stopped using it), but the mileage aspect was very useful.

Unfortunately, when Rove was sold, it began to break. Suddenly the exporting of data from it stopped working. That was a nuisance but not insurmoiuntable. Then when iOS9 happened (at least I think that was the changing point), Rove really started to fail me. It was sucking up over 50% of my battery usage. And giving me continuous errors about it not running (even though it was, and was still logging data).

At that point I decided […]

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iPhone Photography Apps

Browsing through new apps is something I do whenever I have a spare minute, and recently a couple of iPhone photography apps have stood out for me, so I thought I’d share them with you today.

First up is Hydra. This app originally stood out for me because it offers “Super Resolution” images of up to 32MegaPixels using an iPhone 5 onwards. It does this by taking a large number of images (when I say large, it could be 50+) and, somehow, blends them into one large image. Now I thought that’d be a cool feature, and it probably is, although I’ve not had reason to use it in anger yet.
But the feature I have used a lot is the HDR mode. Whereas an iPhone can take an HDR image by blending two exposure to get a higher dynamic range, Hydra will use up to 20 exposures (in my experience, its about 8) to get a great image. I’ve long been a user of HDR Pro on my iPhone for this kind of photography, but I think that Hydra may just have the edge on it at the moment. I’ve attached an example of the same shot taken on the native Camera app, in HDR Pro and Hydra for comparison.

There’s much more to play with, including a low light mode that reduces noise in dark settings, and a zoom mode which produces images way, way better than the native camera app. Definitely worth a try at £3.99 (on 12/2/15).

Next app I’ve been playing with is Slow Shutter. Now my testing with this hasn’t really produced great results, but I think that I haven’t got steadiest hand. I have seen others get some great images of […]

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