Are you a small business owner with your own company Web site (e.g. 

Is your email address consistent with your Web site address (e.g.

Or like many people, do you get more junk mail and spam than you can cope with?

You’d be stunned at the number of tradesmen, and small professional services companies we come across where the answers to one, or all, of these questions is not yes.

If you don’t have a Web site, you really should! Even if its a single holding page showing your contact information and a basic introduction to what you do, you do need something because the internet is the first place people turn to these days to find out if your company is someone they should deal with. And the more professional you look, the more trust they are likely to put in you. We have plenty of contacts in the industry that can set you up with a Web site, whether it be the most basic single page, or a full scale Content Management System, talk to us and we’ll put you in contact with the right guys.

If you are a small business operating with a “free” email address (e.g. hotmail, gmail, aol, yahoo and many others that are non-specific to your company), the chances are that you are reducing the trust people are willing to place in your company. For a small monthly cost per user we can provide you with a hosted service that gives you business level email, contacts and calendar access across all your connected devices (computer, tablet, phone). Wherever you are in the world, as long as you have unrestricted Internet access, you will be able to see all your incoming and outgoing email, calendars and contacts. Not only that, but your data will be hosted in a secure environment, protected against data loss and hardware failure, without you having to worry about it one bit.

Our most basic offering gives basic spam and junk filters with the ability to ‘teach’ our server the kinds of email you don’t want to see along with full virus checking of incoming and outgoing mail. Move to the higher levels and you will benefit from enhanced spam and junk filters that (in our experience) will block almost all the day to day junk that normally hits your account.

For more information on our hosted email packages, please see here.