With the expected release of new iPhones in the next couple of weeks, there’ll be a lot of people out there looking to move on older iPhones to allow them to upgrade. Today I wanted to focus on a couple of tips to get as much money as possible when reselling your iOS devices (and generally these tips are consistent for all smartphones and tablets).

iphone 5 with headphones and box

When you buy a new phone, keep the box.

When it comes to selling devices secondhand, you almost always get a better price for your device when you have all the packaging. That includes cables, manuals etc so don’t throw them away just because you don’t use them. You’ll thank us for this later. Last time I sold my iPhone, I would’ve been £30 better off had I kept the box.


If possible, get your device unlocked

Most providers sell their phones locked to their own network. However, it is usually possible to get them unlocked at some stage through the life of the contract. It may be free, or there may be a small charge. This is worth doing as unlocked phones often have a better resale value. Do this as soon as you can – it can take several days to happen, and once you’ve made the decision to upgrade there’s nothing worse than having to wait for your old device to be unlocked.

Look after your device

Better condition always equates to more money. Think about this during the life of the product. Don’t put it into a pocket with keys or coins (scratches), maybe put a case of some sorts on it (even a thin plastic back case will offer your device some protection from little knocks). Keep it clean, and before you take it for valuation give it a good wipe over with a microfibre cloth to remove any grease from all the surfaces.

Don’t drop it

Yes, I know this tip could go in the section above, but it’s so important I think it needs to stand out on its own! Since the iPhone (in particular) was launched I’ve seen so many clients with smashed up iPhones; honestly I find it hard to comprehend how little care people take of these extremely valuable pieces of equipment. I realise accidents happen, but as with anything, take the right precautions and the risks diminish. Try to remember, the starting price (currently) for an iPhone 5 is £599, roughly the price of a mid-range modern LED TV. Would you even consider leaving that TV in a position where it was likely to get knocked onto the floor?

When it comes to selling, shop around

In the UK there’s a whole new industry for recycling old electronics devices. Check them all out before committing to whoever is advertising most on TV at the moment. There’s a great
comparison site available on the MoneySavingExpert Web site to look at what the major companies would offer you. I’d also recommend checking out your local CeX store as they can often be the most generous buyer.

Further advice

If you want more information or help on this, please feel to leave a comment, or get in touch with us from the contact page.