Morning All

Another early Wednesday for me, the last one of 2013, for my regular breakfast networking meeting. I’m heading out real soon, so today’s gonna be a short one I’m afraid!

There’s just a couple of things I wanted to highlight today.

1. Flipboard

I wanted to remind you of my recent video on Flipboard (see below), and that I have my own magazine now which you can view by clicking here. Feel free to subscribe; its updated a couple of times per day with any news items or blog posts that I think you may find interesting. As always, feedback would be great through the usual social media pages (links available at the top left), email or the contact page.

2. iBooks Gifting

I noticed yesterday that Apple have finally enabled you to “gift” books within iBooks, so you can buy someone a copy of an e-Book (for iOS and Mac now) for Christmas if you wanted. I’ve hardly bought a paper based book since I got my first iPad and I much prefer reading this way now. If you or a loved one do too, give them, or yourself, a gifted book for Christmas!

3. Speaking of Christmas

There’s still time to get your gadgets in for loved ones! I put together a short list of six of my favourote suggestions for the tech lover in your life – read more here.


That’s all for this morning; got to run! Have a great day, and I’ll be back tomorrow with something new.