As we approach the expected release date for iOS7 I wanted to highlight the features we’re looking forward to here at CHNO. Rest assured, we will be installing the new software as soon as it is publicly available (we don’t take part in the developers preview as a matter of choice; as we don’t ‘develop’ it’d be a huge drain on our time constantly assessing new beta releases of the software as it continues to be improved prior to launch), and reviewing it for our clients here.

I’ve watched the Apple videos several times now, and whilst initially being a little disappointed with the ‘look’ of the software I am beginning to appreciate it more now. As with all ‘fashions’, design trends change over time and it’s clear that “fresh and clean” is becoming “fresh, clean and simple” right now. Gone are the little 3D bevel effects (the much talked about ‘flattening’ of iOS) and textures in things like Game Centre (about time too!, Newsstand and iBooks.The icons remain consistent with their use, and hark back to their original textured versions, but look so much clearer now.

As someone that has used iPhone since the 3G phone came out, the one thing that has frustrated me more than anything is the lack of a quick switch for turning things like wifi on and off. Finally with Control Centre we have the answer. With a swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen (swipe down from the top still brings up Notification Centre), you now can turn Airplane mode on/off, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth also. Not only that, but Do Not Disturb mode is easier to get to. There’s other tools in there too (torch anyone?) which I’m hoping in time we’ll be able to edit to allow our preferred apps to be in there.

I’m also interested to see the iCloud Keychain feature in action. This will securely store all your passwords and synchronises them across your devices with a single password of your choice. As a long-time user of 1Password, it’ll be a close call whether Apple can compete with a toll that’s been available across all the platforms I use for several years, but if it works well, we will almost certainly be recommending it to clients.

All in all, there’s some interesting features coming. Roll on Autumn!