Today I was reading an article from The Telegraph online where they talked about what your email address says about you (read it here)

And it made me think about something I’ve said over and over again to independent trade people, small businesses, consultants and photographers: “if you’re using a free email address (hotmail, outlook, btinternet, gmail etc), what message are you sending your potential clients?” In my view, a business that has an email address of is not professional enough for my custom. After all, many of these companies or partnerships have a Web site already (so they ‘have’ the domain), yet they stopped short of using that domain for email. I realise that this may be gobbledygook to a lot of people, but that’s why we’re here.

It really doesn’t take a lot of effort to configure a domain for email (or a Web site if you haven’t got that far yet), so why undersell yourself and look like a business that thinks they aren’t important enough?

CHNO Technology will happily discuss your requirements for domain names, email addresses and even Web sites. Give us a call on 01923 555048 for advice on this, or get in touch electronically by email, our contact page or the social media links at the top left.
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