And I’m Feeling Good!

Firstly, apologies for the hiatus lately. Its been a busy couple of weeks, and, frankly, I’ve struggled to find new things to say in every post. But, today I’m back with new enthusiasm and a commitment to posting five times weekly. It’s going to be tough to get a new post out every day, especially for me as I tend to err on the side of procrastination! That said, the commitment to doing this regular post is an attempt at least to try and circumvent this.

I’ve spent a bit of time recently working on using screen recordings to demonstrate tasks to clients, and have been finding this extremely useful (both to me and them), so I will be trying to bring some of these into the blog wherever I can (first one tomorrow!). If anybody has any ideas on things they’d like me to cover in future, please let me know via the comments or the contact page, and I’ll do my best to get something done.

So the provisional schedule initially looks like this:

Monday – Editorial style post (like today’s). I expect this is going to be more ‘personal’ than I originally envisaged the company Web site to be, but the feedback I’ve been getting from clients and friends has led me down this route.

Tuesday – Tip day. Every Tuesday I’m hoping to deal with a Mac or iOS related query, often using screen recordings to illustrate. For example, tomorrow I have a post on upgrading to Mavericks (I’ve had so many questions from people about whether they can upgrade, and when should they do it, I figured it was easiest to answer on the blog).

Wednesday/Thursday – I’m leaving these days as unplanned posts initially. As things move forward, I may change to a more structured mid-week program, but I wanted to leave a little bit of flexibility in my week to start with. Typically Wednesday and Thursday seem to be the big news days in the Tech world anyway, so it may be that I use these days for commenting on announcements etc. Alternatively, I may use these days for episodes in ongoing series of articles (such as the backup articles I posted recently).

Friday – I wanted to call this the Cool Things Day, but I don’t want to steal someone else’s idea! So, right now I’m struggling for a good name. Let’s just call it Product Feature Friday for now. Every week, I’ll focus on just one thing that I think you should look at. It might be a free bit of software, or it might be an expensive bit of hardware, or something in the middle. Whatever it is, it should fit broadly into the areas in which myself and our clients are working. Again, I plan to use video wherever I can here. And, just to be absolutely clear, where I can I’ll be recommending suppliers where CHNO receive an affiliate fee if you purchase the products we recommend. I can promise that I won’t be selecting products purely based on what we can earn from it though; I’ll only feature products I genuinely like and own (or aspire to own at least!).

So, there you have it. A new start to ‘blogging’, and now it’s down in writing I feel obliged to follow through on it. I hope that you find the posts useful, and I look forward to connecting with anyone reading.

Have a good week