In Friday’s post on viruses, I suggested that often when people worry they may have a virus it’s something less serious. With that in mind I wanted to remind Mac users of a post I made some time ago on a utility I strongly recommend running on an adhoc basis from time to time called AppleJack. The original post is here.

This tool will perform some maintenance on your computer’s operating system, and this often resolves some of the weird problems Mac users experience (e.g. my laptop solemnly refused to connect to any wifi network recently; AppleJack sorted it out for me in less than 10 minutes).

If you’re looking for another Mac tool that cleans up your system, deletes unnecessary files and software, I’ve found that CleanMyMac 2 by MacPaw works extremely well. I run this about once a month to clear down log files and caches (created by the system to improver performance of different things and for technicians to help diagnose issues, but unfortunately rarely trimmed). For example, I ran it a week ago, if I was to run it now it would clear about 4.5GB of data from my system, none of which is required. What you normally find is the first time you run it, you will get rid of a lot of unnecessary system files (things like language files – who needs them if you never run the computer in anything other than English) saving a big chunk of room. Well worth a small investment in my opinion.

That’s it for today, later this week I should have a couple of posts on holidays (planning, booking and helpful techie tips for what to take with you) which I hope to be able to share with you.

Have a great Monday