So, here we go, the last full week before Christmas! Just a few short notes today to keep you up to date with things.

I thought I’d let you know today that I’ll be taking a break from the regular blog schedule from next Monday, and will only put occasional stuff out over the Christmas and New Year break. I’ll resume the normal schedule from Monday 13th January, but there will definitely be some days when there’s something I feel the need to tell you! I’m going to try to use the break to get ahead of the schedule for the future, certainly in terms of the Tuesday and Friday posts, as it’s been tough getting things out on time while continuing to support our clients.

Following on from the Product Feature Friday post a few weeks ago, I’ve been putting together our own Flipboard magazine. If you’d like to follow this, you should be able to find it by searching for ‘CHNO News’ in Flipboard (sorry the title’s not that imaginative!). I’ll continue to add to this most days as I find articles that I think might be of interest to Mac users, photographers and others with a general interest in technology. Please do let me know how you find the content, or make suggestions if there’s an area where you think I might be missing content.

We’ve got another tech tip coming up tomorrow (this time on password safety), and a product feature on Friday as per the schedule. The feedback so far has been very good, and I’d really like for you to share these videos with as many people as possible so that I can get as many people following the company on our various social media feeds; everything we hear through these streams helps drive the company forward in a direction that suits our clients needs most, so don’t be shy in coming forward!

That’s it for today; have a great week!