Morning all

After a brief conversation with Glyn Dewis last week, I thought it would be a good idea to put together some information/advice on backing up and general data storage strategies. A lot of this advice will be aimed at the independent photographer’s out there using Macs for their business, but equally, much of what I’ll be saying will apply to other home and business users. I’m putting the finishing touches to the first of these today for publication tomorrow, and would like to ask that you share them with as many people as possible. As a long-time support guy, I’ve seen too many people with no idea about backups and storage that have lost all their personal data. While it might not seem that relevant to the average home user who does a bit of email, Internet browsing, word processing etc. try to imagine losing every photo that is on your computer, forever. With a small investment, and very little effort, most users can protect themselves against this, and I’ll show you how tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Announcement day of course, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Apple will be showing off. I expect updated iPads and notebooks (Apple don’t call them laptops by the way – they get too hot to put on your lap and we wouldn’t want any lawsuits would we?), but I have a feeling there may be at least one new device. There’s talk of larger iPads (I can see that happening, but not this time), the iWatch (possible, but I’m not sure Apple are ready to enter this market just yet) and the much talked about TV (I think there’ll be something on this tomorrow, perhaps not the expected actual TV but a modified version of the Apple TV box). For those interested, there’ll be plenty of places on the web to read updates as they happen (from 6pm), but we’ll be putting out a summary on Wednesday as well.

As you may know, CHNO were recently appointed as the UK dealer for CRU Dataport in the Photography & Video market. They’re a little known manufacturer in the UK but get a lot of exposure in the US (they’re based in Vancouver, Washington) with photographers such as Joe DiMaggio and Jared Platt being strong advocates of their kit. CHNO are working with a couple of well known UK based professionals to get some UK focused case studies out there; in the mean time, if you haven’t see the CRU (or Wiebetech) products, please let us know or you could take a look at their Web site if you wish at

Our webstore is coming along quite nicely, hopefully we’ll be ready to open that up in the next couple of weeks. This week is a busy one for CHNO with several client projects coming to fruition along with the other things I’ve mentioned today. We’ve also had a minor logo refresh over the weekend, and that work is continuing over the next week or two as we make sure the new logo is rolled out wherever we have an online presence. Hope your week is a busy and fruitful one, and I’ll be back tomorrow with the first of my series on data storage and backup.