Morning all

Last night we had a 90 min presentation from Apple on their updated products, and we tweeted throughout as we heard the announcement. Without wishing to rehash news that’s elsewhere, here’s a really quick summary:

  • Mavericks has been released (it’s free)
  • MacBook Pro’s have been updated immediately (they’re better and cheaper)
  • Mac Pro confirmed for release in December (much faster, but more expensive that previous generation)
  • iPad has been renamed iPad Air (faster, lighter, thinner). Available in higher capacity. Ships November.
  • iPad mini has been updated to a retina screen (old model still available, new model more expensive). Available in higher capacity. Ships November.
  • Virtually every bit of Apple Software has been upgraded (and all but the Pro apps such as Aperture, Final Cut and Logic is now free).

Lots of great news, and as we get to spend a bit of time with everything over the coming days we’ll give you more information (follow our twitter stream for immediate comments). If you have any questions, comments or sales queries on the above, please get in touch.

Have a great day!