Anker 40W 5 port USB charger

We originally looked at this unit to take away on a trip. We got tired of carrying multiple chargers and/or having to keep swapping cables to swap over which ones were being charged.

As so may gadgets these days are charged over USB, this unit allows you to charge FIVE devices at once, and is smaller than a box of kitchen matches. Maybe a couple of iPhones, a Kindle, an iPad or whatever other device you may need. All you need is this device and the appropriate cables (for good quality cables see here).

Power requirements for devices are handled really well, the correct maximum current seems to be provided for all the devices we’ve tried, offering fast charging on devices like iPhones and iPads.

We also recommend taking a couple of USB cables. That way, if you are taking this on a trip, you can feed the USB cables around the room to make sure you have charging facilities where you need them, because let’s face it, nobody likes having to go to the other side of the room in the morning to turn their iPhone alarm off!

Use the link below to purchase your Anker 5 port USB charger from Amazon (affiliate link).

Since writing this, Anker have released a SIX port charger providing up to 60W of power across the ports. We haven’t tried one of these yet, but based on the quality of all the Anker devices we’ve previously looked at, if you need six ports, it’s well worth a look.