Brother MFC-J4625DW Wireless All-in-One A4 Inkjet Printer With A3 Print Capability

This wireless A4 inkjet printer/scanner/copier is perfect for most home users. Supporting Mac, PC and most mobile devices (as well as cloud printing) this will fit perfectly into most people’s home life. When we say mobile devices, this means you can print right from your iPhone or iPad (as well as many other mobile phones/tablets). A couple of other advantages with this printer is that it allows you to print A3 pages when required, and also allows you to print both sides on an A4 page (known as duplex)!

We’ve been recommending Brother printers for several years having found them one of the best printer manufacturers in the market right now. Consumables are affordable (around £40 for a multipack of high capacity cartridges), and as it uses 4 different colours of inks you only need replace them as you use them, reducing waste.

One little tip with this, and all inkjet printers for that matter. If you don’t use them regularly, the ink lines will clog up and reduce print quality. So, it’s important to do a little printing every now and then. What I’d suggest is printing a test page (which you can do from the front control panel of the printer, or your computer) every week or so just to keep the ink flowing. If you start to see a degradation, you’ll need to run a head clean function (again, from the printer or your computer) to unblock everything. If it’s really bad, you may need to do this several times to see a noticeable improvement. Don’t do this too often though, as it does waste ink.

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