This page is reserved for random things we recommend outside our normal field.

Most of this random stuff will be non-gadget, non-computer related, and is just for fun. Hopefully you’ll find something you like, or a great gift idea for a friend or family member.

Cards Against HumanityFirst off…Cards Against Humanity. This a card based game, and it’s definitely for adults, and preferably adults that have temporarily suspended all inhibitions (i.e. drunk). Beware, this game can be very controversial, and isn’t one to be played by (or with) people who are easily offended.
The idea of the game is extremely easy (they probably realised you’d need an adult beverage or two to play) – each player has 10 random answer cards, and you have to pick the funniest answer to a question/statement/saying card that is read out (e.g. “But before I kill you Mr Bond, I must show you _____”). The person whose round it is reads the question card out, and then all the other players’ answers. If your answer is chosen as the funniest (or most offensive as is often the case), you win that round and get a point.
Sounds easy? Sounds silly? Yep, and yep…….but with the right company, it can be great fun!