Morning all, hope everyone made it safely through the best extreme weather our country can throw at us!

This morning we wanted to mention a new service that we’re incredibly pleased with having run it live ourselves for a short period, and are now ready to launch to clients. Virtually every client we speak to, one of their biggest frustrations is too much rubbish arriving in their inbox on a daily basis. There’s a multitude of ways that we can show them to help block emails coming in that they don’t want, but each of these is a learning process (for the client and the computer) that, quite frankly, is more hassle than most clients are prepared to undertake.

CHNO now can offer a spam/junk/virus filtration service that needs next to none of your time, and blocks the vast majority of unwanted email. Every day, week or month (configurable by us on your behalf) you’ll receive a quarantine report showing all the emails that have been blocked, giving you the opportunity to receive those emails if they’ve been blocked incorrectly.

Our server accepts all your incoming email, checks them for viruses using two independent leading virus engines (Kaspersky and ClamAV), scans for qualities that suggest the email is junk or spam, and then forwards the email to your normal server (all in the blink of an eye). You won’t notice anything, other than a dramatic reduction in unwanted email. And the price for this service? £4 a month for the first address on your domain, and £0.75 per month for each subsequent email address.

Contact us for more information, or a demonstration.