Happy Monday everyone

I’m pleased to report today that we’ve linked up with Glyn Dewis Photography to focus on computer storage solutions for photographers here in the UK. Thanks to our partnership with CRU, a Vancouver, Washington based manufacturer, we’ve got some fantastic products into Glyn’s hands to make sure that his library of images is suitably protected against drive failure, theft and (local!) disaster.

I’m sure over the coming days and weeks, Glyn and I will be publishing more information about the systems we’ve provided him with, but until then…..think about what your livelihood is. Does it rely on data stored on a hard drive (if you’re a photographer, it most certainly will)? If yes, how many copies of it do you have? And where are they? Would you still have a business if you were a victim of crime? Or (given the recent weather we’ve suffered throughout the world) a disaster situation at your home or office?

We try to create packages that fit your needs, but more importantly don’t impact greatly on your time or need much in the way of computer knowledge. We tailor the solution for every client and this advice is completely free. Give us a call today on 01923 555048 or email us on info@chno.co.uk to arrange a conversation.

Speak soon

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