Coming up to Easter weekend I thought it was best I wrote a blog post, as it seems to have been a little while…..

What’s been going on these past few months? Well, quite a lot as it happens.

We’re still working hard in the background on our new Web site, as well as finalising details for a new support service aimed at creative individuals like designers and photographers. More on that soon; I’ve been aiming to get it launched since January but several things have conspired to slow me down – won’t be long now though.

There’s been a couple of long-running projects with corporate clients as well; one of which was a large rollout of Mac clients via a software distribution tool called Casper. That was great experience, being able to roll out a new version of an application to unlimited Macs, without visiting each and every one of them is a huge improvement to a techie’s daily life. Hopefully I’ll be getting involved in some more of these projects in the future for a change of pace from my usual client base of creative people and home users.

I’ve also just finished helping move one of my medium sized clients, a creative agency from North London, from one office to another. Obviously there was decommissioning their old networking environment and setting up the new place, but I also took responsibility for moving their phones. As you probably realise, moving a BT line isn’t cheap, or easy to arrange for when you want it, so the client and I decided that we’d move them to a hosted VoIP (internet telephony) solution, making any future moves much easier, and reducing their monthly phone bill to 40% of what it was previously!

Speaking of Internet telephony, it’s well worth looking into. I’ve used it since I started CHNO and it’s been solid as a rock for me (broadband at our office is not the greatest). In simple terms, instead of renting another landline (for home offices etc), or an ISDN line (for medium sized companies), you pay a MUCH smaller fee for an Internet based number (and you can get a geographic number for just about any town/city no matter where you are) and your calls are routed over the Internet (through your broadband connection). If you want to consider it, feel free to give me a call on 01923 555048 and I’ll talk you through your options.

You might also have seen that I joined Instagram recently (as @FieldsyUK, so there’ll be a mixture of business and occasional personal stuff there), and have been posting daily tips and tricks for Mac users. Obviously these will start to dry up eventually so I expect I’ll move onto iOS at that point. Well worth a look as there’s been quite a few people surprised with the tips I’ve dug out for you. The business-related posts are also being cross-posted onto the company Facebook feed, and Twitter.

Anyway, that’s all for today as I’ve got to crack on with a few things before the long weekend. Hope you have a great Easter and that you manage to consume as much chocolate as humanly possible without adding any weight (of course).