Apparently, 25 years ago today (March 12th, 1989) Tim Berners-Lee presented a blueprint for what eventually became the world wide web that we all use pretty much daily now. Is it just me that can’t believe it’s so young?

To think that 25 years ago, the idea of reading the news, or watching movies via the Internet was a mere pipe-dream, shows how much we’ve moved along in those times.

I remember having a family discussion some time ago about which decade was the era of most change for the UK, and I recall it getting quite heated with different generations calling for their ‘own era’ to be classed as the most influential. Whilst I concede that the sixties saw some huge cultural changes, I still think that there really isn’t a period that stands out as being ‘the greatest’ because, certainly in my lifetime, the pace of change just continues to escalate. I think I argued the case for the 90’s originally, being the decade when the Internet became mainstream, but if I look back to what we were using the Internet for back in the 90’s, it’s almost seems like a different concept.

The scariest part of all this is that I remember when “the Internet” was only available to people on dial-up modems, and sometimes having to redial for 45 minutes to get a connection (and it had to be after midnight on a Friday because that’s when you stopped paying hourly fees). And when you look at the world of sport and entertainment, many of the personalities that are famous around the world weren’t even born before the world wide web was born. I have to point out that I’m not old though!

What do you use the web for, and how much of a part of your daily life has it become? If your ability to connect were suddenly removed, how easy would you find it to go back to pre-Internet methods?

Have a great day