How CHNO Came To Be

Our founder, Chris Fields, has been involved in the technology support industry since the late ’80s. Originally working with IBM midrange computers (AS/400, RS/6000) for AEG and then several investment houses in the City of London, before getting more involved in PC support in the late 90’s, as the use of them in offices grew exponentially whilst terminal based systems were slowly fading. In 2001 he took a role within the Apple support world, just as it was about to explode with the triple launches of iPod, iPhone and iPad.

In 2013, Chris began to see opportunities to provide a different class of support. Tired of seeing the continual cycle of ‘quick-fix, walk away, repeat’ that many clients seem to desire, he felt that support staff could offer so much more if only their scope was widened to be more proactive, rather than reactive. That was the basic premise of CHNO; first to resolve pain (triage), then to provide ongoing, proactive, clear advice (long term care) through small teams of qualified and communicative staff assigned to your account (personal and professional).

Who is CHNO?

Our Company Mission
CHNO Technology is focused on helping people get rid of their technological headaches. By delivering high quality technical service and innovative solutions without further adding to our customer’s pain, we strive to improve the use of technology within homes and businesses in London and the Home Counties.

Specific areas we are able to advise on and troubleshoot are: Apple Mac, iPhone, PC/Windows, eMail, Internet telephony (VoIP), broadband connections, business systems and home AV/automation. 

The CHNO Philosophy
Lose the pain, keep the customer.
Why CHNO ?
CHNO (or more accurately C8H9NO2) is the chemical formula for Paracetamol, the pharmaceutical equivalent of what we do – the relief of pain in order to allow the consumer to continue with their normal activities. 
We Ease Your Pain
Bottom line; we’re here to focus on you and the technological pains in your life. We have one clear goal; to make your technology pain-free.

What Our Clients Say

“With a new SSD and hard drive replacing the unnecessary Optical drive in my MacBook Pro, it feels as though I’ve a whole new computer”
Glyn Dewis, Photographer, Retoucher, Instructor
“CHNO replaced my MacBook Pro hard drive with an SSD and now I can say I am 33% more efficient because I was losing a third of my working time watching a beach ball spin around, worth the upgrade.”
Dave Clayton, NAPP UK Evangelist
“Delighted with the service I received; you were fast, professional and very reasonable.  I feel like I have a new computer and would have no hesitation in recommending CHNO.”
Jenny Murray, Amersham Physiotherapy
“We have just used CHNO to upgrade all our iMac software and to install a new SSD. The difference in performance is unbelievable and has removed the need for an upgrade to a new machine which makes a huge saving. Excellent service, fast turn around, good price. Highly recommended.”
Brian Hubbard, Studio 86 Photography, Watford
“I have never met Chris in person, but was introduced via other Facebook friends that use his services regularly, but I am blown away by the kindness, time and determination to solve the issues on my Mac.”
Ian Sayers, Adobe Influencer & Wacom Evangelist, Northern Ireland