CHNO’s Four Areas of Expertise

With twenty years experience of supporting technology users, CHNO are conversant in almost all areas of modern technology. What we don’t know, we’ll find out, through research or experts from outside our business. That said, we are currently focused on those homes and businesses with feet firmly placed in the Apple world.
Don’t get us wrong, we’re just as conversant with PC’s as we are Mac’s, but there’s a million other PC companies out there, yet very few offering expert advice on Macs and iOS devices.
And no matter which side of the PC/Mac fence you sit on, you can’t get away without Internet services these days. Our staff are experienced in all things Internet, and are able to guide you through the forest of techno-babble that most companies put in your way.



Our staff are certified by Apple and have experience of Macs going back over 12 years. We’re confident we can tackle almost any Mac related problem you can throw at us.


Recognising the need for clear advice on iPad and iPhone usage, we are able to support our clients with any problems (be that physical or non-physical) as well as offering tips on better use.


From hosted email to broadband connections, including ADSL and Fibre, CHNO can offer great advice and products on Internet use.


For our home based clients we consult and advise on automation products and services from simple light sensors to full remote control packages with central and networked AV systems.

CHNO’s Other Services

Don’t think that’s all we do though. CHNO are here to take the pain away from you when it comes to technology. If that means we have to go through a learning process, we’ll do it instead of you. The difference is, we do this day in, day out, technology is our business and learning new things is our forte. It what keeps us interested, fired up and eager to help our clients. But there’s a couple of other areas we’re really keen on, places we can really help.

Recognising creative professionals as major technology users, we’ve found that many people in this industry are looking for assistance with the equipment they use. All our staff have an interest in this area, and whilst by no means are professional, understand the special issues creatives are likely to experience. Offering advice and system upgrades specific to this industry is one of our specialities.

After many years of experience, we have been able to develop a short health check procedure that resolves many typical problems, highlights any issues that may be about to come up and allows us to suggest ways to lengthen the life of your existing technology.
Prices start from only £40. Call us on 01923 555048.
We love beer. We love pubs. If you have beer, or if you have a pub, we want to hear from you. If there’s a way we can trade, let’s talk! All joking aside, there’s so many ways that technology could be used better by pubs and breweries to improve their business. Very few use social media and their Web site to connect with potential customers, and we believe we can show you ways to improve that with little technical knowledge needed on your part.
We see so many clients that have awful email setups. Companies using hotmail accounts for business, home users with hundreds of junk mails coming in every day along with virus-infected emails being received and sent. Yet all of these things can be eradicated with one or more of our affordable monthly service offerings. Whether you need a full hosted email solution or just a spam/virus quarantine solution, CHNO can provide exactly what you need.