Zagg Invisible Shield Glass Screen Protector

Having been in the industry for, ahem, longer than we care to remember, we’ve seen more than our fair share of mobile phone screen protectors.

We’ve tried various cheap plastic style covers that are a nightmare to fit (like us, do you wonder if that’s why they comes in packs of 3 – because it takes you three attempts to get one onto your device without air bubbles), and discarded them after so many ripped.

We’ve also tried the heavier duty plastic protectors, some that need to be applied with a spray, some just sticking down on their own, only to find them just as difficult to apply, and no more successful long term, often getting damaged by keys or even just by snagging on furniture when being placed down.

Now we’re onto a glass screen protector from Zagg called Invisible Shield. These are wonderful. Simple to fit, and at less than half a millimetre thick (or thin in Apple speak), you’ll hardly notice they’re on (hence Invisible Shield). And because they’re made from clear glass they protect your screen much, much better than a plastic film. If you put your phone in a pocket with keys or coins, you’ll avoid damaging your phone’s screen (see our blog post on maximising resale value), and hopefully only damage the protector. If you drop or knock the front of your phone, chances are that you’ll only damage the protector (that’s been our experience so far).

But that’s where the big advantage comes with these glass screen protectors. They have a lifetime guarantee. If you damage the protector on your phone, Zagg will replace it for the cost of shipping (at the time of writing, this works out at £3.99 in the UK).

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