Henge Clique Dock System (trackpad and keyboard connector)

Many of our clients like to use their computers connected to their big TV in the living room while sitting on their couch. For those of them who like to use a Magic Trackpad along with your Wireless Keyboard, one thing you never realise until you get them home is that the trackpad needs to be on a solid surface to work properly (or held kinda weird) – because of the way it is designed you need force from below to be able to ‘click’ it.

This trackpad and keyboard connector from Henge creates a workaround for this problem, putting both devices into one unit and allowing you to use the trackpad as you’d like to when it’s on your lap (or a desk).

As the trackpad and keyboard will be housed in this plastic case, Henge had the foresight to add a physical switch underneath the unit to allow you to power the keyboard on and off without removing it (for those people who are sufficiently power conscious to remember to turn the units off when not in use!) – the trackpad power switch remains accessible as normal.

Click on the link below to get this device directly from Amazon (affiliate link).