Morning all

Early start for me today as Wednesday is my BNI networking morning; fortunately early starts are not something I worry too much about unlike some!

I’ve done a fair bit of driving this week, and it reminded me how great it is to have TomTom on my iPhone for directing me from client to client. It also prompted me to remember some of the GPS app purchases I made previously. Don’t make the same mistakes as me! TomTom is not the cheapest navigation app out there, but it is, in my humble opinion, the best by far. I was always put off by the price, and bought competitors products because they were much more ‘affordable’. But after several “incidents”, I finally bit the bullet and replaced them with TomTom one day on holiday in Florida when the competitor app took me 15 miles away from my intended destination (in my defence, I was tired and I have a trusting nature). That was about three years ago, and despite retrying some of the (updated) other apps again, nothing (including the free Waze) comes close to the accuracy and ease of use of TomTom.

Anyway, have a great day, got to dash!