Like many people I was straight on board with Apple Music when it launched. Unlike some of them though, I’ve had no Apple Music problems whatsoever.

Today I’m trying to understand what problems people are getting, and see if I can help explain whether their problems are caused by the Apple Music software, or their understanding of how it works. I’ve had a couple of people with issues recently, all of which have been resolved by having it set up correctly on their devices. Like many iCloud services, if you use multiple devices, settings on one can affect the others and cause you some problems

If you’re an Apple Music subscriber and are having problems using it, please get in touch with me using the following form so that I can try to get some idea of what problems people are seeing. Anyone who replies will have their Apple Music problems looked at (and I’ll do my best to resolve them for you), and then I’ll collate some information based on the replies so I can put some blog posts together to help you in future.