Hi Everybody

We’ve had a couple of people recently that have thought their iPhone was suffering from a problem, and were on the point of getting new devices because of it. Not that we want to stop people getting new toys of course, but it turned out that they were all suffering the same ‘problem’.

20140217-181311.jpgDid you know there was a Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone in iOS? And that it’s very easy to mistakenly turn it on?

When Do Not Disturb is set, your phone will typically not ring or notify you of anything except for calls from people in your Favourites list. So if you are missing calls, or people are saying that they are getting put straight through to voicemail, check to see if DND is set. You’ll know if it is, because there will be a little crescent/moon shape in the top bar of your screen in between the time and the battery indicator. Chances are that you’ve turned it on by mistake! When you pull up from the bottom of the screen you will be taken into control centre (where you can turn on things like Airplane mode and wifi). One of the buttons (looks like a crescent/moon) will turn Do Not Disturb on or off (grey off, white on).


If that doesn’t solve your problem , feel free to give us a call on 01923 555048 and we’ll do our best to help or advise you who at Apple to speak to.


I also wanted to mention a new game that I’ve found for iOS which is amazingly addictive, and it isn’t Flappy Bird! It’s a really simple numbers game that requires no arithmetic, just a bit of thought and practice. And with no in-app purchases to be made it’s well worth the £1.49.

Have a great day!